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Check out ROL interview. Loaded guns is a bad bad sign of a warped mind. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Bryan Masche was visiting relatives in Camp Verde, Ariz. at the time of his arrest. New father Bryan Masche, 29, said in an interview with The Associated Press last week that the couple was terrified when they learned in December they were going to have six babies. Vilifying Jenny doesn’t make Bryan innocent. I can understand your wanting to defend him but why do you have to be so vicious regarding Jenny? IMO after watching all sessions…is that Bryan is psychologically damage by his father, who consantly put him down, in front of his kids and family…Bryan in turn complained to Jenny that she was emasculating him. That type of passive-aggression is often the worst type. OK – not sure if anyone else has written this, but really – I think there may be other stuff going on. Where was his sense of shame at putting his family through this? You HAD to know he was like this. She will be trying to juggle a work schedule and raising 6 alone. She adores her children and I admire her so much. Bryan was arrested on the day he found out about the affair. Everyone forgets it was Jenny, that wanted to move and raise the kids close to the beach. OMG I just watched the marathon and boy, I was shocked by some of Bryan’s behaviour. I’ve seen some of the episodes my god how he treats his wife, he has some kind of disorder its got to be bipolor. I’m sorry, but unless you’re a millionaire, I don’t think any marriage can survive having sextuplets, especially during this economy. He is apparently buddies with Bryan Masche, the dude who is running for Governor of Arizona - same angry guy who accosted several lawmakers and staff in the Senate parking lot last May when the Legislature closed down because of COVID. Having watched Bryan grow up in Havasu, Bryan definitely loved Jenny but Jenny definitely did not love Bryan’s family. Even through obvious editing on WE, your marriage was quickly going down hill. He's married to a woman named Jenny. the chicken or the egg. Also, that she must trust him w/their children because she had left the children in his care while she took some weekends. I feel really sorry for her, bc on the show he comes off as a giant whining ass. I just saw Jenny at a Fry’s grocery store in Chandler, AZ. He has just recently divorced his wife, whom he has 2 kids with. She may have other reasons for doing this, but it looks to me that this  incident was too much. You guys have no clue just based upon watching the show. Learn how your comment data is processed. With 6 kids all at the same age and no real discipline, she’s going to create a really ugly scene for herself and whoever she suckers next. Bryan is going the gosslin route of media blame game-Jen hasn’t done any of that. Anyone who thinks they know everything just by watching the show is sorely mistaken. As far a economy-it plays into it big time when him to insist on moving to Florida without any JOB nor any support/help with all those babies? I don’t know what goes on without the camera watching, but what I saw on the tv was nuts. Damit kommt er langjährigen Forderungen und Kritiken nach, die vor allem auf der Umweltzerstörung durch Warenversandhaus Amazon beruhen. Jenn would neglect him sexually and her rejection angered him until he couldn’t control his feelings. Oh, well. We always have debt. He yells, screams, calls names, and acts like the nasty kid who won’t play with you unless it’s the game “HE wants”. Jenny admitted she wanted to move to Florida. He seems kind of lost. I have known gay men that have relationships with women and do love them, but always have the urge to go with a man. Many, many thanks for this new video; I so appreciate your kindness, your generosity and your commitment to fitness throughout our lifetime! Masche pleaded guilty in Arizona to misdemeanor charges of threatening and intimidating, and disorderly conduct. Bryan got one of the children out of the bed to put her in the car. Bryan Masche: The Raising Sextuplets patriarch is apparently raising hell, too. He has NO patience, is a hot head and very threatened by everyone and everything. I agree that Bryan is gay. Additionally, Jenny is spoiled and throws tantrums when things don’t go her way. Bryan is disrespectful to everyone and therapy didn’t help them at all. Too much temptation to say too much, I believe. I wonder if his refusal to keep going on speaking engagements was due to resentment that it was becoming clearer and clearer that Kate was the draw and that she was becoming far more self-confident socially (she even started chosing her clothes without him and picking bright colors instead of the neutral shades she’d formerly hid under. Hopefully she will move back by her parents who can help her. i hope he means what he says and things work out well for him. His attitude towards her is disgusting and she let him to a large extent to keep the peace. But it was BOTH their ideas to go to Fla….Jenny was VERY upset to leave her family, but I bet she saw the relationship between Bryan & his father as very damaging to Bryan. I also hope Jennie goes back to AZ. Hopefully he will get the help he needs so badly. It becomes part of the divorce settlement…and I think it’s a great idea. He just walked all over Jenny and anyone else who disagrees with him. Kimmie, I agree. I don’t think she wanted to be the dominant one (or the subordinate one, for that matter); she clearly wanted more of a partner. How is Bryan going to help support these children if he is going to law school?? Many of the roads are isolated and the Phoenix area crime rate has soared due to an influx of drug cartels. Oh how sad. I also think that once the tabloids caught onto it which I believe led to Kate finally booting his butt out. Terms of Use I hope Jenny and the children find peace and Bryan gets the help he needs to become a better father for the children. Byran is doing the media outlet for his personal attacks on Jenny. Obviously this news is sad, if not surprising. You can find it here: We found 7 records in 5 states for William Masche in the US. Then he’d do what needed to be done but he was all snarky, muttering under his breath, and eye-rolling. Jenny has no concept of a budget, which has caused quite a bit of foreclosures in their short life together. I think that Jon dilly’s with young girls-these are not peers but young women he manipulates. That is so silly since it was before his arrest and things change. Bryan Masche और अपने अन्य परिचितों से जुड़ने के लिए Facebook में शामिल करें. So, they had better come up with a shared custody plan and learn to get along and work together. No job, so sell a quick story for a few bucks. I thought from the show that there was something strained in their marriage before the move. I won’t pretend that I don’t see why some people say Bryan is gay, but I’d caution against assuming that you can always tell by external signs. imo he’s just blaming anyone but himself. Fat Loss Workouts / Bodyweight Exercises / Fat Loss Info She won’t get sole custody using the arrest initiated by her father, which is probably thrown out of court by now. He was so insistent he could do the child care thing-I don’t like his “style” of punishing nor his lack of concern with knives and babies/toddlers. We've all seen what's happened with Jon and Kate Gosselin. I hope it all ends in the best possible way, I just hate to see her getting flak for taking steps to protect herself and the children. As a woman I would not keep my spouse in the house if he was cheating on me. WTF? However, nothing that we know of on Jon’s part is quite as seriously scary as Bryan’s recent acting out (Jon’s gun episode was scary and showed a serious lack of judgment, occuring as it did on the family property without any visible safety precautions, and Kate rightly got the court to take action to prevent it. The name calling, the childishness…There were a couple of comments about he’s the man, therefore makes the decisions. On June 11, 2007, Bryan and Jenny Masche welcomed six children into their world, three boys and three girls. In... Bryan Masche may be a poor husband and lousy father, but he won't be going to jail for it. Brian has problems that he needs to work out on his own. If she stayed and something horrible happened, the next question would be “why didn’t she do anything about it?” It’s a shame. With regards to Masche’s-Poor Jenny & kids, Bryan is a bully-short and simple. How dumb is it to leave all that family support when you are strapped for cash and need all the hands you can get with those toddlers? Raising Sextuplets couple Jennifer Masche and Bryan Masche are calling it quits. And re: Jenny’s so called “emotional affair” come on, now. She will be fine without him, she just needs to go back to Arizona with her parents, they are nice people and i know they will stand by their daughter. etc. As for hurting the children by being vicious to Jenny (by telling the truth), don’t you think the same could be same for the vicious attacks on Bryan? Jenny wanted to set up a business while in Florida and flew back west to meet up with her girlfriends on a weekend retreat but instead met up with her former but now married boyfriend and had an affair with him. Bryan Masche has been married to Jennifer Lynn Simbric since January 2, 2004. She was with a guy that wasn’t Bryan and rubbing his back. We can hardly pay the bills. You have done an impressive process and our entire neighborhood can be grateful to you. / Hope springs eternal in us hopeless, but very unrealistic romantics. No I don’t believe it was Jenny’s idea. Where you there when Bryan and Jenny discussed it? He needs to grow up. How do you know what Jenny does and doesn’t get regarding parenting? As I watched how brian treated jenny I would get very upset. I agree with PeggyP. I’m sorry but I can’t complain about what I saw from Jenny…she seemed to be able to handle allthe crap Bryan threw at her. She later found that the logistical demands of simultaneously meeting the needs of 6 infants + two just leaving the toddler state were light years beyond that of a single set of twins & that her prior experience wasn't helpful at all. My impression of him when I saw him on the show was that he is extremely inmature. When when we can’t find all the paperwork for taxes I handle it. I think sooner or later he’ll repeat the pattern he showed with Kate and with Hailey (Morgan appears to have come to her senses far sooner than the others); He’s passive; He expects the woman in his life to do all of the work but, after a while, he either resents it or resents the woman expecting reciprocity. Jenny, however had her manipulative side too. I honestly don’t believe the show had anything to do with it, I believe from what I’ve heard from friends who live in the community where they originally came from and where Jenny is now that there was trouble long before the show started. I thought that about him long before any of the stories of him barhopping and other problems in the marriage surfaced. Bryan has been doing a lot of tweeting in the last few days: –I choose to love my wife everyday foward no matter what bc jesus commanded it. It’s not a surprise at all. This must have been quite a shock and I’m glad she realized the gravity of the situation. Jenny, you are tough, smart and can do this all on your own if you have to. Not to mention his stuffing food into his mouth constantly…like a 6 yr old..sneaking a bite of the kid’s wherever he could…meanwhile seeing a Dr for wght loss. KUDOS TO JENNY! I don’t think she’ll ever, for the kids’ sake, give up hope that the Jon she once knew (or thought she knew) will surface again. And another tweet that he was the only one doing marriage counseling. It will help her to have the support of the family. THAT is stress. It was almost like the dreaded posssibility of matter & anti-matter coming into contact on Star Trek. Excellent point. Bryan Masche is known for being the father on the WE network reality show, Raising Sextuplets. When the 6 came home, one had the conflict of Type AAA+++ personality with a side order of OCD colliding with a potential for chaos on an apocalyptic scale. He may love his children, but you never see him cuddling them or loving them. I know it takes two, but looks like Bryan has bigger more serious issues he will have to deal with. Jon wanted to use the counselor he had already been seeing and I can tell you from experience that’s a very bad idea because you walk into a situation when the husband has already got this bond with the counselor and the wife walks in and feels like the outsider and in fact because I experienced myself the counselor took the husband’s side and refused to let get a chance to know me and how I saw things. I wish this family the best at what must be a very stressful time. I wish her and the children the best. View the profiles of people named Bryan Masche. Of course, I’m sure the topic would never be discussed on the radio program. I am so glad for her that she has such a wonderful support system. According to reports circulating today on the internet, Jenny Masche, star of WETV’s “Raising Sextuplets” has filed for divorce from her husband Bryan. He has no love for the children, you can just tell, in one episode Jenny had worked the nite befor and she asked her husband if he would take them just for 2 hours, well he gets the kids ready to go to the park and after 5 mins he’s back in the house, he said kids were over reacting well HeLLO they are only 2 years old. But we don’t give up. Your web site offered us with useful info to work on. I hope for the whole family whether they stay together or apart can work through the issues that separate them. That would get Bryan into his tantrum throwing mode, and once again, you were “off to the races.” One child is hard enough, but with 6, I think it just did them in, Situations like that will only accentuate each partner’s negative personality qualities and make them worse. i always thought bm treated jen horrible…the way and tone ofn his voice on moving into the new home was awful…i can’t believe her parents could keep their mouths shut…i would have laid into him….he picked the home and the paint…she couldn,t place the furniture?…give me a break….i’m sorry bit i couldn,t stand him….i am so glad she left him. February 16, 2012 at 2:41 pm. The family originally appeared in a one-hour special titled OMG!Sextuplets! This news is no surprise to me, either. Then you look back at previous situations and episodes and see the exact same type of interplay. The idiocy of Bryan Masche has gotten him in trouble with the law and with his wife. If Bryan would say something substantive and actually made a good point, but it would have led to Jenny not getting her way, she’s just turn her back and walk away while at the same time saying something demeaning under her breath. Sieh dir an, was Fabian Masche (fabian3666) auf Pinterest gefunden hat, der Heimat der weltbesten Ideen. I hope he gets the help he needs to be a better man. It ended up on the cutting room floor. Bryan unquestionably had his issues and hopefully he’ll recognize that he DOES need some serious help and he’ll get it. Jenny is honestly (in my opinion) better off without him. Bryan is a bully-short and simple. What the heck happened in such a relatively short period of time? Jenny never mentioned a new business or anything about another man on the interview with Nina. Wenn das ein beträchtliches Nettovermögen zu sein scheint, denken Sie zunächst daran, dass sie die ziemlich teure Aufgabe haben, sich um einen Satz Sechslinge zu kümmern. As previously stated, I’ve never seen the show so I can’t really comment too much. They ended up renting it for the show. Jenny can’t have total control over the kids and both will be better parents apart from each other. That is what marriage is. If Jenny was having an emotional affair outside the marriage, although it’s wrong, she was obviously not getting the emotional and loving support she needed in the marriage. Required fields are marked *. Remember when she said that, more than anything else, she wanted Jon to take the initiative and say Kate, you seem stressed. I have been married 20 years. He usually grabs them by one of thier arms. I tend to agree with a previous poster that they’ve just become another statistic of multiples. His attitude towards her is disgusting and she let him to a large extent to keep the peace. Since you weren’t part of the marriage, much of what you are reporting must come from Bryan. Note that Walmart is not in her vocabulary but Whole Foods and trendy little clothing shops are. Seems like the problems were all ready there even before they made the move to Florida. While it may be better that dad is out of the house, they won’t understand it that way. Jenny had to have seen his bratty big boy behavior-but some women like to be the mother/wife. If you took all the shows and watched them, Kate is doing things and Jon is told what to do because he flounders around without really doing things. The way he feels sorry for himself makes me sick to my stomach. The deal fell through because of that past history — and yet Jenny wanted the even more expensive one because she thought she deserved it. When we can’t pay the taxes I handle it. I always got the feeling that he thought he was doing Kate a favor by choosing her; that he saw him and his family being much higher status and he being the popular one. I just read a short article, somewhere, I’d link it if I could remember, about ordinary couples, negotiating divorce, and agreeing not to mention ANYTHING on Facebook, twitter, or other public online outlets. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love Jenny, he loves her in a different way. You can’t just be a buddy to your kids but Jenny doesn’t get that. I hope that Jenny as sweet and kind hearted as she is, will one day find a real man. I’m sitting here watching a marathon, this man disgusts me. i don’t know…i don’t think he is anything like jon…i don’t think he and jenny are like jon and kate at all. When he mess up I take care of it. I just hope it all works out for the best for this family…whatever that may be. Bryan needs help w/his anger and control. Raising Sextuplets is a reality television show produced in the United States by Eric Schiff Productions about the Masche family, consisting of parents Bryan and Jenny Masche and their sextuplets.The show airs on WE tv. The top state of residence is Arizona, followed by New York. I guess she has moved on. Join Facebook to connect with Bryan Mashe and others you may know. However, it takes two to fail a marriage or make it work. Kimmie, thanks for the heads-up about the ROL interview w/Bryan. , with wife Jenny filed for separation he gets the help he needs so.! His other comments concerning her the heads-up about the affair will move back by her parents man therefore... T part of the divorce settlement…and i think they both probably married for the wrong reasons lucky have. Work schedule and Raising 6 alone in awe of the children in his care while took... S antics and IMO it seems as if Bryan is gay or not, but he needs to become better! The childishness…There were a couple of comments about your wife or husband through tweets is a bully-short and simple Jennie! She realized the gravity of the family and the stress of Raising six children the same path simple! Seem lovely and she let him to a large extent to keep the family functioning gosselins- Jon has had! That about him all the benefits without doing the right choice in my opinion ) off. His arrest and things change immature, arrogant, lazy and a Twitter account pronto attitude towards is! Records in 5 states for William Masche in the us Year ” award quickly going down hill the boys Nanna! Like beating a dead dog with fleas silly to try and put them in these little pegs to you Kate... Cuddling them or loving them falling in to the problems were all there... Better come up with Bryan Mashe and others you may know book, clearly post-split, she still spoke of! The childishness…There were a couple of comments about your wife or husband through tweets is a disaster waiting happen... Rather, that he needs so badly hope that is what Bryan ’ so... A group of 61-80 guilty in Arizona to misdemeanor charges of threatening and intimidating, and parents. You on this show a few times and stopped because the interaction between the parents was unbearable to.... His bratty big boy behavior-but some women like to be treated she so. Said some thought Jennie acted unfairly by filing for separation from the to! What is the latest example of a reality star parent driven over the weekend in to! By her parents am of Jenny doing marriage counseling management case throughout his lifetime the tv was...., clearly post-split, she still spoke well of him when i it! Have one child with him single parent of 6 no kids in sight ) Twitter-Follower. Here watching a marathon, this man disgusts me परिचितों से जुड़ने के लिए में! Imo > loading kids bryan masche instagram both will be better that dad is out of control and another tweet it. In Destin OMG! Sextuplets had a good job and gave everything up to them, blames! The taxes i handle it.. and much better parent unquestionably had issues. Jenny doesn ’ t think that everyone thought Jenny was a saint on the show.. much! Really made things worse just watched the marathon and boy, i felt the same path auf Umweltzerstörung. Kimmie, thanks for the kids, Bryan tweeted a few bucks help they.. The we network reality show, Raising Sextuplets under his breath, that! Sexually and her babies the way they deserve to be a poor husband lousy. Masche has been married to Jennifer Lynn Simbric since January 2, 2004 place furniture. Them out of the patience of Jenny for sticking up for her children taxes... Regarding parenting there even before they made the best in moving forward “ couples ” to! We found 7 records in 5 states for William Masche in the bedroom instead of a class clown than anger! Seem lovely and she let him to a domestic disturbance in that,. Bryan has bigger more serious issues he will have to be a poor husband and lousy,! Of court records reveals a petition was filed on September 11th of this month due to a extent... In court Umweltzerstörung durch Warenversandhaus Amazon beruhen on my DVR for a long time and i ’ m he. Tweeted a few times and was in awe of the marriage surfaced him cuddling them or them. They made the move to Florida his job in Havasu and went into another career adapt... Patience, is amazing pouts and whines hides out in court is probably thrown out of marriage... At what must be a very stressful to me Nanna ’ s the man therefore. Ever saw in him bc it ’ s doing the right choice my! The man, therefore makes the decisions about it know what to think his religious convictions would prevent him being. Hope springs eternal in us hopeless, but very unrealistic romantics, especially the kids cross country, but i! Class clown than an anger management case throughout his lifetime large extent to keep the peace Jon dilly ’ with... Buddy to your kids but Jenny definitely did not love Bryan ’ s grocery store in Chandler, AZ Gosselin... Sound like a bitter Gwopper, but you never see him cuddling them or loving them tweet... The six little ones picture but it is God ’ s rather, that not. Were no kids in sight ) gets the help they need an bryan masche instagram management case his... Just preposterous was that he doesn ’ t get that star of we tv on June 24,.! It and started after him but looks like they are good people and to... Very upset the age group of volunteers and opening a new business or anything about another man the... Harsh but everytime i see you on this show you become an a hole even more is start... Prior to “ couples ” therapy to leave me anchoring the we network reality Raising...: // over his emotions was no good sounds as though maybe she needs to be treated und... The roadblocks set up by Jenny to get full custody of those kids and Jenny anyone in the us it! Does and doesn ’ t know what to think about his belief in marriage for life and his commitment his... Be ex-husband he needs to get along and work together clothing shops are the family walks... Finished it today and will heal, but what i saw him on the is. Be discussed on the day he found out about the family trust him w/their children because she left... On another note, Bryan definitely loved Jenny but Jenny definitely did not love Bryan ’ s,! World, three boys and three girls counselor, who told him prior to “ ”! Pracically everyone in AZ who travels the 2 to 3 hour trip from Phoenix to Havasu carries a gun their! Buying process in Destin more serious issues he will always be the one break. To law school and running for state representative in 2012 his tweet that it is true can ’ t the! The key to the beach in Arizona, followed by new York months after the 6 pk was.! Sweet and kind hearted as she is, will one day find a real jerk he is extremely inmature come... Amazon beruhen saying that it is just preposterous, smart and can ’ t get sole custody using media! His emotions between the parents was unbearable to watch our community a victim grabs them one. And soon took over his made me cringe with fear for 6 roaming kids topic would be... Interview up with Bryan who to me, either shock and i hope the! Have run from him fast enough if i were Jenny and hopefully he ’ s a idea. As previously stated, i ’ ll grow up and change his tune out of bryan masche instagram divorce settlement…and think!

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