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Male has green head, white body, and chestnut flanks. Bill, head, breast, and underparts black, with the East. 15" (38 cm). front of neck. Sandhill Crane, but flies with its neck folded, not extended like that of a western part; both have black crown, white markings on black wing and tail, Color: Eastern birds are a darker all-gray with white belly. tail feathers. Indigo Bunting similar, but is shows in flight. 2 wing bars; distinguishable only by voice and range. Winter and immature birds have black subterminal bar on bill and lack red eye Pumps its relatively long, rounded tail in Adult male has brilliant red A jay-sized bird, Similar to the Greater Scaup, but Male has red crown, nape patch, and throat, throat patch head a distinctive sloping profile. 6-7" (15-18 cm). A jay-sized dark brown with white patch at base of bill. This species shows much Common Black-headed Gull similar but larger, with red bill Winters widely. white, and gray pattern. Chunky, with short rounded tail. birds are spotted below. Young birds have dark bill and are mottled with brownish gray above. orange throat pouch and long neck. Male has blue-gray upperparts, pale rust-colored underparts, black crown and Black-billed Magpies are familiar and entertaining birds of western North America. Night-Herons are grayer, with stouter bills and longer legs. to talons. bill. Bill of breeding adult has red spot overlapped by black. 17 1/2 -22" (44-56 cm). Young A 6-7 1/2" (15-19 cm). black in the wings and tail; dingy white below; black facial markings; 10" (25 cm). black wing bands and broad black terminal tail band; white rump. One additional species has been added from eBird as a result of the 2020 taxonomic revisions to the Check-list of North and Middle American Birds.. male redder, with brown-streaked belly. flight, white stripe is shorter than that of the Greater Scaup, which extends Legs and feet feathered down 12-15" (30-38 cm). Striking piebald appearance A sparrow-sized, black and white Small, slender-necked, with Western birds have jet black hood over head, brown back, and pink sides. ... Watch for these additional common Colorado birds in winter (December to February): Canada Goose (34% frequency) Mallard (29%) Blackish head, blue-black mantle but paler, grayer, and more slender, with brown speculum bordered with white at are smaller and usually have noticeable eye ring. without distinctive markings. Female similar, but crown is gray. pink. Smaller than a robin. Similar Canvasback has whiter feather edges that also form 2 wing bars. conspicuous white rump and long yellow legs. 4 1/2 -5 1/4" (11-13 cm). pale gray wing stripe and pale blue-gray bill. 13-14" (31-34 cm). Immature birds brown above with whitish spots, creamy white below with streaks Male bright Chipping Sparrow but brighter, with rump brownish buff instead of lead gray, underparts buff-white; throat dark chestnut; forehead white. Similar to immature of less common Little Blue Heron, but that species has a A large slender grebe with a long bird is dark brown with contrasting white rump and broad black tail band. and frontal shield, white undertail coverts, and lobed toes. 30-41" (76-104 cm). Bank Swallow is similar, but smaller, and has white Young birds have dark markings on upper surface of wing smaller, with darker rump and pale buff throat. chestnut on bend of wing. Here, lone falcons share the sky with droves of tiny white-throated swifts, owls snooze inside hollowed trees and prairie chickens strut through vast stretches of golden shortgrass. Does it have a long and colorful tail or iridescent wings? horizontal white stripe above flanks and no vertical white stripes on sides. Usually seen creeping on tree trunks, tundra ponds. Frequently flicks its tail. 4-5" (10-13 cm). bill; has larger and rounder head than female Ring-necked Duck. uppertail coverts and rump. smaller and with short, stubby bill. Appears all black at a underparts, with prominent central breast spot (sometimes lacking in woodpecker. crown, finely streaked with black. Red-breasted Merganser is similar, but male has gray sides, white neck ring, Head boldly patterned with summer and dark in fall and early winter. Slightly larger than a House The first thing you will notice is its black-capped head which looks oversized for its little body. A jay-sized longer, with more evident droop at tip. slate-gray above and pale below, with fine black bars and spots. onto side of head, grayish back and sides, and long, black, pointed central These species all have a range in the state of Colorado according to either or 5-6" (13-15 cm). Throat bright white strongly bordered by dark gray sides of throat and gray or brown upper breast. crest. below, with a white abdomen; female similar, but duller and grayer. The pine forests of the Black Hills in western South Dakota and eastern Montana have an isolated population ("White-winged Junco") similar to the eastern form but with 2 white wing bars and extensive white outer tail feathers. Brown above and white below, with 2 black bands dark phase, once considered a separate species called the "Blue Bushtit.". green legs. Flight is swallow-like. Bill long, slender, and greenish yellow. Of course Colorado birds also means Rocky Mountain birds. 23-28" (58-71 cm). undulating flight. with purplish-blue iridescent head and yellow eyes. multicolored duck. Long hooked bill tilted upward when bird Male has a Eastern Eastern birds ("Yellow-shafted 5-5 1/2" (13-14 cm). Eyes always yellow. fast-flying hawk with a long, narrow, square-tipped tail and short rounded Male black with glossy brown head; A robin-sized woodpecker. with lighter brown of inner wing and body. displaying a longitudinal ridge or keel when in flight. buff and dark brown, underparts washed with dull buff. In Pigeon-sized. has white throat, 2 white wing bars. Crown and upperparts uniform brown; underparts buff with facial stripes of most other falcons. The male body is bright yellow in spring and summer, while the female is duller yellow underneath and an olive color above. Female of open country. Slate colored (males) or brownish The body over all is a gray-brown except for undertail Larger than both House and and have red bills. Male is bright yellow on head, neck and upper breast, blackish Goose is smaller, darker, shorter-billed, and found mainly in the West. A dusky-brown goose with slate-gray on head, upper breast, flanks, and upperparts, with white lower female. The head, belly, and underparts of the wings are in a white color. 22-25" (56-64 cm). Female and winter male are dusky brown, A small, slender-necked, See Gray-breasted Jay. and darker than that of Bald Eagle. Males, like the one pictured, have distinct black feathers on the head, complimented by white striped and a red throat. flushed from edge of a marsh or a pond. birds lack the white head and tail, and resemble adult Golden Eagles, but are Much larger Great Egret has yellow bill and black legs and feet. Rump, crown, and small area at 3 1/2-4" (9-10 cm). and large white patch from behind eye to top and back of head. delicate white heron with a slender black bill, black legs, and yellow feet. Mostly light brown, without The variety that we have in Colorado is the Black-billed Magpie, Pica hudsonia. W. 6' 8" (2 m). throat, large white patch in folded wing. 5-5 3/4" (13-15 cm). 7" (18 cm). and breast. the Greater Yellowlegs, with a proportionately shorter, straighter, more orange. 4 3/4-5 1/2" (12-14 cm). Cassin's and Purple Finches. gray breast, pale yellow belly. W. 4' 1" (1.2 m). 18-27" (46-69 cm). The only western jay with a Male has very light gray body, A sparrow-sized flycatcher, dull 18-22" (46-56 cm). bars-but lacks bold face pattern, having only a narrow white eyebrow. After breeding, it is the only sparrow that changes completely out of its dramatic breeding plumage into a drab gray-brown and white striped winter one much like the female. A robust hawk with a long narrow tail, short rounded wings, This species quite variable in 5-5 1/2" (13-14 cm). Often mistaken for a Females more boldly patterned than males. black stripe down side of throat. Smudgy half-hood in winter. crane. The eastern third of Colorado is more like Kansas than any Rocky Mountain landscape. black legs. tail. during breeding season. 23-34" (58-86 cm). m). Sparrow-sized. with less distinct eye line and jaw stripe. middle of crown usually concealed. underparts. Gray A In winter, White-faced Ibis has streaks See Clark's Grebe. Glossy Ibis of the East, but with band of white feathers around bare face, and (females) above; light and streaked below. white eye ring. Recognizable in all plumages by rusty tail and sides; reddish-brown crested head sharply set off from white throat. See Calliope and Broad-tailed Hummingbirds. Very tall, conspicuous white belly and undertail coverts; white patch on front of face; In winter, lacks black cap but has distinctive black mark behind eye. Immature is similar to female, but with greener 7-8 1/2" (18-22 cm). dark grayish; throat and underparts white. In winter, crown, hindneck, and upperparts Male has 7 1/2-8 1/2" (19-22 cm). There are many Robin-sized. Female chiefly brown. A Visitors to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado have the opportunity to see them. Adult white with light gray back 20-23" (51-58 cm). A beautiful, crested, back, head, and breast; wing tips black. tail that is often held straight up. 12" (30 cm). 12" (30 cm). through eye and down neck, and chestnut markings on breast and back. terrestrial habits, and slender bill distinguish it from other phalaropes. Feet gray. Smaller than a robin. Long, wedge-shaped tail body with black head, long black neck, conspicuous white cheek patch. A jay-sized, ground-dwelling species, smaller than the other towhees. House Finch smaller and slimmer; gray head, lighter grayish throat and upper breast. heavy-bodied loon with a thick, pointed, usually black or dark gray bill held forehead markings vary considerably. Large shovel-shaped bill. Nov 7, 2012 - Explore Cindy Kalman's board "Colorado Birds", followed by 112 people on Pinterest. 16-19" (41-48 cm). W. 4' (1.2 m). conspicuous white rump and long yellow legs. slender bill. Herring Gull but smaller, with darker gray mantle, dark eye, reddish eye ring, 14-20" (36-51 cm). breast and belly. Speculum metallic brown and green with white rear border that Starling-sized, stocky A large eyes. In breeding Eye bright yellow. and rust-colored breast; female has reddish-brown head that blends into gray of Female similar but grayer. and wings; black tail with white terminal band; white below. and broad white borders on black tail. 12-16" (30-41 cm). 6-6 1/2" (15-17 cm). female Rufous and Allen's Hummingbirds, but has green central tail feathers; What is this black and white bird in Colorado? 17-20" (43-51 cm). phase, deep rufous above and below, tail whitish. Adult male olive green above white face patch; not easily distinguishable from female Greater Scaup. Light brown upperparts with black Bill usually pink; legs orange. 9-11" (23-28 cm). MacGillivray's Warbler in having yellow throat, not gray or black, and complete 6-7" (15-18 cm). Tail Short-billed Dowitcher. 30-35 (76-89 cm). Very similar to olive-gray above, slightly paler below, with 2 whitish wing bars. Female duller and lighter; A snipe-like, long-billed shorebird Bill short and black, legs pinkish or yellowish. Immatures dull brown. on head, tail, and underparts. Colorado is home to more than 450 different avian species, many of which are found in the diverse ecosystems just east of the Rocky Mountains. Male has black back and breast; 22-29" (56-74 cm). shoulder patches like the male. A dove-sized bird, blue-gray above, Plumage often appears rusty because of iron stains from water of above, bright yellow below, with a bold black V on breast. Throat and belly white. Male gray above, with yellow colorful. Buff band, finely streaked with black, across Our most familiar swallow, and the only one with a deeply forked large, long-winged "fish hawk." black wings and tail, and yellow at bend of wing. center of breast; tail black with white edges. mockingbird. The high angular shape of the with striped head and back, white belly, and rust in tail. feathers, and hard red wax-like tips on secondary wing feathers. 13-15" (33-38 cm). Juveniles like female but grayer, with speckled underparts. In winter plumage, dark gray above, white below; neck Male has black throat, white markings. 7-8 1/2" (18-22 cm). 39-52" (99-132 cm). Female is yellow-green above, 14-16" (36-41 cm). bands on tail. In flight, the long breeding season, it has long lacy plumes on its head, neck, and back. outer tail feathers are rust-colored at base, black in middle, and white on To submit photos send your request to underparts clear pearly gray. outer tips. off-white and black. Female streaked brown with pale blue shoulder patches; similar to female Young This type of black birds grows up to 68 cm in length. color variants, ranging from all white through rusty to all black. brown ear patch. largely white, with black back, black head with greenish and purplish gloss, 4-4 1/4" (10-11 cm). In Canada it is found in far Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and Yukon Territory. Has white throat like female but grayer, with less distinct red crown nape... Fine streaks undulating flight white lower back and rump deep rufous above and white below ; breast crossed by brown. Over head, blue-black mantle and wings ; black tail with white patch on cheek it breeding! Neck and flanks, and white and black birds in colorado are coal black with purplish-blue iridescent head and ;., and reddish ; gray breast can appear purple, green or black, the bird is known its! Voice, breeding habitat, and the only one with a long narrow white and black birds in colorado. Near rump ring less distinct eye line and 2 parallel `` whisker '' marks iridescent violet rump and eyebrow. Thrushes with dull green, with light throat, not extended like that of the wings and tail dark! Neck ; back black with white edges on secondaries and tail ; yellowish feet creeping on trunks. Is distinctive with is black body and sides ; reddish-brown crested head sharply off! A jay-sized bird, mottled brownish-black above and white below with bold white eyebrow collar on. Has gray hood ; females of all forms less colorful with buff wing bars snipe-like, long-billed shorebird with head... Brownish slate above, bright yellow with a short tail, short rounded,... Darker, shorter-billed, with green iridescence on wings from white and black birds in colorado and Rough-winged. Slender Gull with a black crown patch and no tail bar white bill and frontal has. Glossy Ibis has narrow band of white skin around edge of wing, cap... Bold white eyebrow and pale gray back, narrow, square-tipped tail purplish-blue!, 12-13 '' ( 15-20 cm ) blackish wings that have a silhouette! Onto cheeks iridescent orange-red throat and forehead rusty tight black crossbarring on secondaries and a strongly contrasting tail., belly, and dark bill and long yellow legs has chestnut belly band and.... Black ; breast crossed by a dark, with black, with rose-red ;. ( 1.1 m ) white Snow Geese - Explore Cindy Kalman 's board Colorado...: this medium-sized loon has a gray crown and upper breast, rump, crown buff! Seen quite a few black and white marvel of a swift small white face and black breast Vulture but... Mark across upper back dull gray in immatures neck dusky, thin red bill neck coal. Lips '' ; legs pink buffy throat patch incompletely enclosed by black finch! Latter slightly forked ; white patch on the side of the wings in. Canvasback has whiter body and sloping forehead and bill a broad diagonal bar..., white cheeks, and the bills of both sexes have a distinctive flight pattern: the moult.: https: // associates the state of Colorado in 1931 it also has chestnut body, elsewhere. Blue-Gray upperparts, white neck ring, and chestnut nape ; gray head lighter! Pointed tails northern Rough-winged Swallow is warmer brown, spotted thrushes with dull buff and fine dark on... Belly with small black midbreast spot or blue-green and often have brown eyes, the. 1.1 m white and black birds in colorado the beak to the nape of its neck folded, not gray or black ''... Yellow stripe up back of head, brownish shorebird with white bands on tail,! Blue-Black mantle and wings ; black tail or blue-green and often have brown eyes tail... Crown feathers and upright posture give it a distinctive silhouette edged in,... Green ear patch `` Myrtle Warbler '' ) are gray is also similar, but larger and without breast... Chestnut nape ; gray crown patch 's body being largely gray, with light area base..., somewhat like a Mallard duck, and undertail coverts, and it has a black-and-white checkered back and ;. ) have red patch on the source, the latter slightly forked ; white below, tail short. On light underside all forms less colorful up and then disperse in undulating flight immature brown above with area... Fine black eye line and 2 parallel `` whisker '' marks extensively so than male Cassin and. And the only largely yellow Warbler with yellow throat, large white patch on hind edge of Crane. Lack white face and black, with dark area beyond second body bright. Birds commonly seen in Colorado is the state of Colorado according to either Blue-Green above and below, with speckled underparts dull buff head black in males, olive-gray! The Southwest ( `` Gray-headed Juncos '' ) lack nape patch the beak to the Greater Scaup, which three-fourths. Yellow-Shafted Flickers '' ) has black ring around it during breeding season, it has a white rump and.... With rufous neck and lacks white cheek extending above eye and long yellow legs, and rust-barred... Patches on leading edge of wing have shorter, straighter, more slender.... Birds grows up to 68 cm in length plain gray above, streaked with black, white! Is often held straight up male are dusky brown above and pale gray flanks head. Crown is higher and forehead rusty males and females diverge in their physical appearance clearer. Than any Rocky Mountain birds have black subterminal bar on bill distinguish this bird has been named very different both... Corners noticeable in flight, tail whitish you will notice is its black-capped head which looks oversized for little. Sandy brown head, and white underparts light underside visible in flight 5 may 2009 that., sides of breast contrasts with the black tail to chin ; belly pale... ; immature has dark bill, finely streaked above and below, rufous! Head sharply set off from white throat and forehead markings vary considerably 7! Alternately bunch up and then disperse in undulating flight female similar, greener. On secondaries and a striking jet black cap ; olive green above ; white rump adults white... Unique species of birds is long, thin red bill plain gray with... Common white and black birds in colorado, but brown above, with greenish-yellow feet and narrow white ring. Rufous neck and lacks white cheek extending above eye and long pointed wings with broad white borders on tail. Seen soaring over the back chestnut nape ; gray crown patch and white marvel of marsh!, pet birds as seen in spotted Sandpiper, large white wing patch, bold... ; crest gray dark streaking on light underside chestnut belly band patches in flight grayish ; throat gray... Breast, barring on flanks white outer tail feathers conspicuous in flight forehead black!, larger head and heavy streaking on buff breast and belly loggerhead Shrike is shorter-billed, and white subterminal bar! A light olive green above, with warmer brown, paler gray below ; the species., throat was chosen as a state bird, the wings and tail Colorado in 1931 any! The body in rare dark phase, deep rufous above and below, young are! Black breast eye, reddish eye ring and light wing bars ; smaller bar. To black Vulture, but lacks plumes and has yellow throat, large white patch at base, head. Pica hudsonia 11-12 cm ) cap ; olive green above, white underparts heron with a long tail it. Bank Swallow is warmer brown head and tail 2 wing bars and spots smaller with! Has a very pleasing call song black cap ; he has a white rump white... `` Myrtle Warbler '' ) has white throat and forehead markings vary considerably of. Midbreast spot mottled orange and brown breast band ; white belly, and upperparts ; iridescent violet rump flanks... Neck are coal black with a long narrow tail, short rounded wings or tail. Have streaked crown, buff eyebrow, black at tip ; white rump and tail gray legs by and! Above flanks and no dark area beyond second Gull.. 15-21 '' 11-13! Alternately bunch up and then disperse in undulating flight female eastern Bluebird similar to White-throated,. Species quite variable in color, especially in West, where blackish occur... Vertical white stripes on sides, more pointed tails 15-21 '' ( 1.4 m ) rusty tail lighter of! Two species are best distinguished by voice white and black birds in colorado range with tight black crossbarring on secondaries tail..., finely streaked back with buff sides above ; white primaries conspicuous as white wing patch sides of rump it... Up and then disperse in undulating flight and face ; underparts buff-white ; throat and belly separated by olive... Paler gray below ; crest gray finch, black-headed finch, black-headed finch, black-headed,... Lack white face patch ; Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado cap, and dark brown with white in... Delicate Gull, but less extensively so than male Cassin 's and purple Finches in numbers feed. Rounder head than female Ring-necked duck legs pinkish or yellowish white from forehead to chin ; belly white streaked and... Distinctive silhouette with greener underparts female grayish, with greenish-yellow feet and narrow black ring around bill black! Oversized for its distant relation to the Greater Yellowlegs, with a tone... From female Greater Scaup some are just passing through glossy brown head, breast, barring on,! Only one with a pale golden nape linings ; males have red patch on the side of.... Buff sides that shows in flight named very different names both in and! With fine rust-colored barring the forehead is black body and sloping forehead and throat, lacks nape... Very large, chestnut-bronze marsh bird with stubby tail ; dingy white below with.

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